Information about research objects in Ny-Ålesund

In spring 2020 the project Ny-Ålesund GIS was launched. The end product is a brand new layer in the Svalbardkartet GIS map containing information about research instruments, installations and fiels sites in and around Ny-Ålesund. Currently the database contains 563 objects, and the research community in Ny-Ålesund is currently working on expanding this.



Svalbardkartet is an interactive themed atlas of Svalbard supplemented with a rich dataset of environmental data layered on top of a detailed topographic base-map. All information in Svalbardkartet is open to all.

You can find information about the Ny-Ålesund research objects in a separate layer in Svalbardkartet. You can activate the topic from the left side menu. Click on the “+” to see the legend. Zoom in the object you want to explore. To get detailed information about an object, first activate he Identify-function from Basic Tools and then click on one or more objects of interest. A list of the selected objects is shown in the left-hand panel. Now click on one of them for detailed information.

NPI are currently working on a better search and filtering functions to make it easier to find specific objects.

Interface to add or edit information about the research objects in Svalbardkartet

Adding of modifying information about the research objects in Svalbardkartet must be done through a spesific user-interface which can be accessed through here.  The interface part of the system requires a log-in, and each NySMAC member has one. The manual describing the procedures is found here