Glaciology research

Arial view of the glacier Kronebreen in Svalbard
Photo: Elvar Ørn Kjartansson / Norwegian Polar Institute

Ny-Ålesund is an ideal site for glaciological research and monitoring; despite its remote location, it provides an excellent logistical base for fieldwork activities. The area around Ny-Ålesund offer most types of glaciers found in Svalbard and the high Arctic: fast-flowing, surge type, polythermal, and calving glaciers. Two Ny-Ålesund glaciers, Midtre Lovénbreen and Austre Bøggerbreen, have among the longest Arctic mass balance time-series in the world.

Upcoming activities

  • Joint flagship open workshop on the nutrient cycle - linking the atmosphere, marine, terrestrial and cryosphere, in Orvieto, Italy, Oct-Nov 2020. Hosted by CNR, as part of the joint flagship project. First announcement will come soon.


  • A new feature in RiS makes it possible to link your project to one or more of the Ny-Ålesund flagships. Please update your project information under Project Details>Project Type. We can in the next round create lists for the different flagships on when the different projects will be present in Ny-Ålesund
  • Ny-Ålesund GIS product is launched! Information about research instruments, installations and field sites in and around Ny-Ålesund is available as a dedicated layer in Svalbardkartet. More information here. If information about your research object is not included, please be in contact with the NySMAC representative from your institute or NPI research corrdinator in Ny-Ålesund: .  
  • Sign up for the Glaciology Flagship email list here. Contact Christina at '); /*]]>*/ if you would like to communicate with the flagship group.