Research in Ny-Ålesund

Ice floe in the ocean with mountains and a glacier in the back
Photo: Christina Pedersen / Norwegian Polar Institute

Ny-Ålesund is located at the northernmost point of the warm Atlantic Ocean inflow, the West Spitsbergen Current, and has a pivotal location enabling observations of relevant parameters in the ocean, on land, and in the atmosphere. Ny-Ålesund is ideal for research and monitoring of contemporary environmental changes related to climate change issues, long range transport of pollutants, UV-radiation and related biological effects, physiology, eco-toxicology, Arctic marine and terrestrial ecosystems, as well as research from other disciplines. With its multidisciplinary research environment, Ny-Ålesund provides unique opportunities for scientific synergies.

Research in Ny-Ålesund comprises the activities of various institutional, national and international programmes. Substantial portions of these activities are related and complementary. To release its full potential, four flagship programmes were established in the period 2009-2011, which in combination constitute most of the research and monitoring in Ny-Ålesund. The established flagship programmes are atmospheric research, terrestrial ecosystems, the Kongsfjorden system, and glaciology research.

Flagship programmes


Research Startegy for Ny-Ålesund

In 2016, the Norwegian Government announced (Meld.St.32 (2015-2016)) the development of a research strategy for the Ny-Ålesund research station. Guidelines and principles for research activity were established by the government in 2018 in the Strategy for research and higher education in Svalbard. The Research Council of Norway was given the responsibility for developing a research strategy in cooperation with relevant stakeholders, research institutions and ministries.

The ambition was to make a research strategy that clearly defines expectations regarding quality, cooperation, openness, data-sharing and sharing of results at the Ny-Ålesund Research Station. High-quality research is already the norm in Ny-Ålesund. The intention of the strategy is to contribute to release the full potential of the Ny-Ålesund research and collaboration and thereby increase the impact of this research even further.

The Ny-Ålesund Research Stategy.

Research in Svalbard (RiS) Portal

An overview on individual research projects in Ny-Ålesund can be found in the RiS portal.

The Ny-Ålesund research community promotes a policy of open and free exchange of scientific data, based on mutual trust and respect for the intellectual property rights.

A Researchers Guide to Ny-Ålesund

We have a guide that is intended to help the researchers that are planning to go to Ny-Ålesund - from the first development of a project, to booking of the stay and preparing for field work, to the actual work on site, and the follow-up after.

Research Objects in Ny-Ålesund

Information about research objects in Ny-Ålesund is available through the GIS system Svalbardkartet.

Shared research infrastructure

Ny-Ålesund offers a wide range of shared scientific infrastructure. Scientists are welcome to rent workspace or space for instrumentation at one of these facilities.