Monitoring in Ny-Ålesund

Ny-Ålesund with mountains in the background
Photo: Max König / Norwegian Polar Institute

With its long-term data series, starting a century ago, Ny-Ålesund represents one of the most important environmental monitoring sites in the Arctic. NySMAC's vision is to design and further develop a monitoring programme for Ny-Ålesund.

Ny-Ålesund is a central reference station with important longterm climate and environment data series, and there are potential and opportunities to develop an integrated monitoring programme for Ny-Ålesund.

A workshop arranged in January 2015 brought together scientists from the four flagship programmes of Ny-Ålesund (marine biology, terrestrial ecology, glaciology and atmospheric science) to discuss and take the first steps towards implementing one common monitoring programme. The individual flagship programmes have previously identified important knowledge gaps, key areas for cross-disciplinary research activity and needs for new research infrastructure. Key elements of this programme should be data accessibility and the use of data in research, and a next step will be to make already existing monitoring measurements known and available.

The science community in Ny-Ålesund currently contributes to a number of international programmes and networks: