About NySMAC

Photos: Christina Pedersen / Norwegian Polar Institute

The Ny-Ålesund Science Managers Committee (NySMAC) contributes to the development of Ny-Ålesund as an outstanding site for Arctic research, through advancing cooperation between scientists and research projects, promoting the flagship programmes, and assisting in effective and sustainable utilization of Ny-Ålesund as a research site.

The committee was established in 1994 to enhance cooperation and coordination with respect to research activities in Ny-Ålesund. NySMAC provides advice and comments on research projects, research planning and coordination, infrastructure development, and environmental protection.

NySMAC includes representatives from all parties with major research interests in Ny-Ålesund, and currently consists of 18 member institutions, and three observer institutions.

The NySMAC secretariat is located at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø.

Forum: NySMAC Project Information and Discussion

The NySMAC PID forum is an internal forum for NySMAC members to inform and discuss about future projects to Ny-Ålesund. (The forum is not open to the public, a user account is required.)


The committee itself convenes twice a year. Also, NySMAC regularly hosts international scientific seminars (Ny-Ålesund seminar) and specific workshops.


The news bulletin Ny-Ålesund Newsletter is published twice yearly.

Ny-Ålesund Charter

The charter document records policies agreed by the NySMAC since its creation in 1994. The document also includes milestones in the evolution of the international research community at Ny-Ålesund since its beginning in 1991.

Ny-Ålesund Charter